Saturday, January 10, 2009

Rahmania, FC Block, Saltlake, Kolkata: Restaurant Review

Rahmania at FC Block in Salt Lake is the franchisee of the main Rahmania restaurant. The cricket tournament of our Company was being held at FC Grounds, and 4 of us decided to have our lunch here.

Before venturing out to restaurants like Rahmania, please remember that they lace their food freely with "Hydrogenated vegetable oil" (Vanaspati) and it is very difficult to digest. Though the free use of vanaspati does great to the tastes, they are hard on our digestive system.
I am sure this is an exception, but the meat in mutton biriyani which my friends ordered was rotten. On complaining they changed the food, but the new biriyani was the same. Finally they courteously replaced with Chicken Biriyani, which was OK. I had "Shammi Kabab" (Minced meat mixed with gram flour and fried) which was ok.

A meal for four cost Rs 400 i.e. Rs. 100/- per person.

Taste, Courtesy, Price,
Lack of Quality Control, Use of vanaspati (Hydrogenated vegetable oil), Lack of amenities like place to wash your hand, etc...
My Verdict
I may visit these place sometimes when I am adventurous, looking for a great taste and don't mind the inconvenience of indigestion later.

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