Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Comparison between Sigree and Abcos, Kolkata

Last week I had lunch in these two restaurants. It was my second visit at Sigree, and I don't remember the count visit to Abcos. Since both of the current visits were treats, I don't remember how much the sponsor had to shell out, but I will try to give my feedback with references to my past visits.

Eating is my hobby and I have been frequenting Kolkata restaurants since I have started earning. Abcos was our idea of an upscale restaurant, till the new restaurants came up in the upcoming malls. Some of the more costly restaurants like Hushh in City Centre, Salt Lake I believe offers value for money: the others, like Sigree I believe is nothing but a money burning machine. For example, in my last visit to Sigree, I had three 60 ml pegs of Teachers - Highland Cream, and although I don't remember how much exactly I paid for them, but I believe it is somewhat close to Rs 1500/- ie almost Rs 500/- per peg.

Anyway, lets forget about the past visits and compare the two restaurants, where I tested similar fares, on two consecutive days.

  • Food Quality
    Both restaurants offer great tasting foods, comparable, atleast to my taste-buds.

  • Ambience
    Sigree scores higher, as there is more breathing room between tables. The table sizes are similar. I didn't find any exiting visual appeal in either, as compared to some other restaurants with great ambience. Sigree is comparatively quiet, but I think that depends on whom I get as fellow diners.

  • Service
    Both restaurants offer good service

  • Price
    Sigree is priced much higher though the marginal utility you get over Abcos does not justify the price

I may go to Sigree once in a while, only if I am with my family, to spend a quiet dinner. 9 times out of 10 however, I would choose Abcos (or Charnok City, or other similar restaurants) for my lunch and dinner needs. If booze is one of the important items, I will definitely avoid Sigree.


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