Thursday, April 27, 2006

Miss Marple Omnibus Volume I

I can never say enough about the writings of Agatha Christie. It is a mix of emotions whenever I pick up any of her works. I plan to have her complete collection some day.

I had in my collection quite a few of her works. I had Herucule Poirot, Tommy and Tuppence, and others but my collection was incomplete because I did not have any Miss Marple works. Recently I bought Miss Marple Omnibus Volumes I and II to do justice to this amazing lady.

Currently I am reading volume one of this collection. The novels that are included in this volume are:

  • The body in the library

  • The moving finger

  • A murder is announced

  • 4:50 from Paddingtom

Currently I am done reading the first three novels. Each one is very crisp, and very smart. She hypnotized me while I was reading through them, and after every chapter I was suspecting someone else, and in the end, when the plot was uncovered, I found I was wrong.

One more thing that attracts me to her writing is the fertility of her thought. The framework she constructs is absolutely mind-boggling. For example, in the novel "A Murder is Announced", I was struck by the audacity of the plot; a charade is conducted which led to the murder. Again, in "The body in the Library", the Red Herring effectively took my mind in a spin. That is the quality in her writing which I like: I would describe it in one word: smart!

I am very partial to Agatha Christie, and I would definitely recommend this work; or for that matter, any of her works; to anyone !!! And you guessed it !!! I would give it a perfect 10 out of 10